Newcastle Recording Booths

Sound attenuated and sound proof booths for recording audio and conducting experiments in isolated laboratory conditions

Large booth

Our large sound-proof recording booth is 3m × 3m and will be set up to do recordings with multiple people inside the booth. This will be particularly useful for Ultrasound Tongue Imaging and other articulatory recordings, high-quality acoustic phonetic recording with clinical populations, and in-person interactive dyads.

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Small booths

Our two small sound-attenuated recording booths are each 1.2m × 1.5m. They will be set up for a number of exciting possibilities. Each isolation booth will be able to record data from a participant independently or in a joint task. The booths will be linked up for simultaneous interaction between them, and for separate and independent use. The booths will be available for acoustic recording and also for listening tasks as well as tasks that would benefit from the participant being isolated in a distraction-free environment.

Booth 1

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Booth 2

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