Laboratory Space

Laboratory spaces are hoping to re-open in the 2021-2022 academic year with limited capacity.

Laboratory space can typically be booked through the internal Resource Booking website. If you need help accessing this site or booking a laboratory space, please contact the Lab Manager. While the new spaces are still being set up, it is best to contact the Lab Manager in the first instance if you wish to book time in one.





Eye-tracking Lab

Isolation room (B.01A)

Small table and chairs for children

Coming soon:

EyeLink Portable Duo eye-tracker

Tobii X120 Eye-tracker

Host computer and linked monitors


Sociolinguistics Lab

Coming soon:

Quiet space for recording interviews Settees and comfortable chairs

Coffee tables

Meeting space

Workstations (PCs and Macs)


Phonetics Lab

Coming soon:

3×3m soundproof recording booth

Two 1.5×1.2m linked isolation booths

Control computers and linked monitors

Meeting space

KGVI 2.12

Language Analysis Lab

Three (3) Windows 10 [Dell] PCs

KGVI 2.13

Articulatory Lab

Sound-attenuated booth

Ultrasound Tongue Imager (UTI)

Electroglottograph (EGG) Electropalatograph (EPG)

Airflow measurement device

Windows 7 PC (for articulatory kit)


Psychology Eye-tracking Lab

(cannot be booked online)

EyeLink1000 Eye-tracker with:

  • Long-distance mount

  • Tower mount

  • Desktop mount

Finding your way here

King George IV Building (KGVI) is located on Queen Victoria Road in Newcastle upon Tyne, across from the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) and Great North Children's Hospital.

To enter on the Basement level, there is an entrance in the back, along King's Road. This entrance is fully wheelchair and during COVID-19 restrictions, it is the only entrance to the building.

The Experimental Lab suite (Eye-tracking, Sociolinguistics, and Phonetics Labs) are located on this level. To reach them, enter the building and turn left. At the end of the corridor, turn right at the lift and stairwell. The Experimental Lab rooms are through the double doors.

Map of the Experimental Linguistics Lab basement suite

To reach the 2nd floor labs, take the lift to the second floor. The entrance to both rooms is through 2.12 (the Language Analysis Lab).

Map of the Experimental Linguistics Lab 2nd floor suite

Both levels have accessible toilets nearby. The recording spaces in the basement suite will all be equipped with accessibility ramps (where necessary).